Month: November 2018

115 Tips for Becoming an Award Winning Author: Tip 19 – Inventory Your Human Capital

The term capital means a stock of wealth that produces a flow of income. Your human capital refers to investments you have made in yourself through which you expect to gain economic returns. The term human capital refers to both tangible and intangible attributes and investments, such as the combination of your genetic inheritance, your education and experience, and your attitudes about life and business. It includes such subjective characteristics as your personality traits, your creativity and your self-efficacy, abstract endowments like your intelligence and conscientiousness, in addition to your personal attributes like health. Human capital is the KSAOs (knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics) of an individual that are relevant for achieving economic outcomes. Human capital contributes to higher income and life satisfaction, and is found in the stock of your productive skills, talents, health and expertise. People who are more intelligent or who have invested more in their education are thought to create more value than those who are less endowed, or have made fewer personal investments. Inventory your human capital as an important step towards writing an award winning book.