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I’m Maggie, Founder of the L’Ouverture Storytellers Project. I’m a creative thinker, a professional writer and storyteller, a self-taught filmmaker and an entrepreneur in the arts. I earned my Doctorate in English and Culture Studies from the University of the West Indies. My knowledge of literature spans many literary canons. I’m a teacher who has created a space where storytellers can diligently learn and hone their craft. As an entrepreneur, I created, marketed and delivered a fiction writing workshop which produced an award winning author.

Margaret Brito PhD, Founder, L’Ouverture Storytellers Project

I’m offering you an opportunity to publish your book in just six months through my L’Ouverture Fast Track Your Writing workshop.

The L’Ouverture Fast Track Your Writing workshop centers on one-on-one mentorship throughout all the writing stages of your book. It begins with a free consultation, which can be in person or via Skype. We’ll discuss your vision for your book, as well as each step of the writing, publishing and marketing processes. At the end of the consultation, you’ll have a clear idea of the entire process of writing and publishing your book.

If after our consultation you wish to continue to the next stage of the workshop, I’d like you to complete an easy survey. The survey is a great tool for helping you think about some fundamentals of your writing project, such as the genre in which you’re writing, your audience, and how much time you estimate it would take to complete your book.

When you’ve completed the survey, we’ll go on to the pre-writing stage, in which I’ll help you sketch your audience persona, develop a writing plan and create an outline. At the end of the pre-writing stage, you’ll have a book plan and a clearly defined writing schedule.

After pre-writing, we’ll begin to draft your book. We’ll have two Skype or telephone calls per week. I’ll walk you through the writing process, answer any questions you have, and work with you to fine-tune your work-in-progress. I’ll make sure you stay on top of your writing schedule, and when you’ve finished the manuscript, I’ll put it through a round of editing, if necessary.

I worked with Anthony Tunis to realize the full potential of his novel. Here’s what he said about our collaboration:

“Margaret was absolutely great!!! She went above and beyond what I expected. Not only did she edit the book but she gave it back to me and had me submit it for a second round of edits and after that a final proof read. Most other editors would have been done with it after one look and wanting their payment but she actually took pride in seeing that my work was the best it could be. My skills have grown even better over the last few months because of her. Her services were worth every penny.”

Anthony Tunis, Author, The Grimoire of Nekkral

Fast Track Your Writing is tailored to your specific literary needs, is time-tabled to fit your schedule, and if you prefer to meet in person, can be held at the venue of your choice, even your own home, if you wish.


What Our Clients Say

So Why Should You Work With Me?

One good reason is to make money from your work. I offer a personal guarantee that your finished manuscript will be of excellent quality.

Another reason is that I’ll help you market your work, enabling you to connect with your target audience through social media.

A third reason is that you get to explore your talent. Everyone is creative. We all have the capacity to explore our interior and exterior worlds and translate our dreams and desires, our perceptions and opinions into art.

Our acts of creativity help us define who we are, and giving shape to them can be an amazingly rewarding experience, not only for us, but for other people who may share similar dreams and perceptions.

These acts of creativity can open up the possibility of seeing things in new ways, and are truly revolutionary, that is, they have the power to change how people see things. Great authors, playwrights or screenwriters are found in the most unlikely places. You'll never know the greatness in yourself unless you seek it out.

And there are at least three other good reasons:

One: You will get the guidance and advice of a highly skilled and qualified instructor.

Two: I can help you get your ideas out of your head and on to the page. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much you'll develop as an artist.

Three: (and best of all): I’m affordable. I offer easy payment plans because I don't want you to let money stand in the way of your pursuing what you want to do.

I invite you to become part of the L'Ouverture experience.

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